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Analytics Toolbox for Procurement Sourcing & Tendering

Detailed description of challenge

  • Status Quo
    • Negotiations are a usual procurement activity. Depending on the size of the sourcing activity, negotiations can stretch out and include several rounds

    • Before or during negotiations, a lot of data has to be manually gathered and reviewed

    • Contract proposals are reviewed manually

  • Target state
    • The idea is to have an analytics toolbox that supports buyers during negotiation by providing category/supplier specific data and market analysis, as well as simulation capabilities

    • The nature of the tools is ad-hoc and simulation driven

    • The toolbox generates insights which are useful during the negotiation. Insights are not transparency (e.g. preparing data in a certain way) but rather using the available data to generate actionable items

    • The toolbox enables the sourcers to react quicker to the changing nature of a negotiation and give an edge

  • Negotiations utilizing the toolbox are more time efficient than the status quo

First initiatives within company

  • The following topics have been identified as potentially relevant for the sourcing analytics: Supplier/Industry cost structure, smart supplier profiles, smart contract checks, volume & price simulation, contract duration analysis, price benchmarking

Need for support

  • We need support in the realization of the idea to create a digital toolbox for the strategic sourcers. We are at an early stage and support could be finalizing the use-cases, helping to identify the external data sources and implementing them in an internal or external solution
  • Inspirations on use-cases for sourcing analytics toolbox are highly welcome
  • Concept for digital tool to analyze Covestro internal data sources automatically (e.g. supplier fact sheets)
      • Implementation of Web-Crawler functionality for public external data sources

      • Integration of paid data services into Toolbox required

      • Obtaining data sources on should cost and industry/supplier cost structure is crucial and we have yet to identify them

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Covestro Deutschland AG

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