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Innovative wireless networking architecture for challenging production environment

Detailed description of challenge

  • The wireless coverage in production areas can hardly be achieved by external antennas due to the presence of massive metal structures and of large volumes of water-based products

  • Instead, a large number of hot spots, routers or repeaters are necessary

  • The wiring of a large number of hotspots is expensive and has to be coordinated with the 24/7 operation of the plants (not practicable)
  • Chemical plants are often also in APEX category 1 or 2 and require special versions of hotspots to be installed
  • 5G, working at even higher frequencies, is expected to offer even shorter signal penetration and therefore a larger number of hotspots

First initiatives within company

  • Traditional WLAN installed in several plants

Need for support

  • Ideas to implement the known technology in a new way or ideas that base on completely new technologies
  • Innovative solutions to drastically (rather than marginally) reduce the number of hot spots required for coverage
  • Innovative network architectures (e.g. mesh network)
  • Conceptual support to find a suitable approach (no technical implementation)

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Covestro Deutschland AG

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