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Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland

Intelligent exchange of data about pressure equipment inspections with external stakeholders

Detailed description of challenge

How to fully digitize the workflow between Shell and external stakeholders regarding pressure equipment inspections within 120days?

  • More than 20.000 inspections of pressure equipment per annum are being conducted with multiple documents per inspection, currently mostly handled in pdf/paper format via an electronic inbox as well as a local paper archive.
  • Several uncoupled databases existing at each stakeholder all with different levels of mobile functionality, hence risk of duplicate data as well as lengthy document transmittals.
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and/or Blockchain etc. to implement a digital process to securely transmit inspection documents, improve data quality and eliminate all manual interventions?

First initiatives within company

  • Databases at each stakeholder with link to CMMs system (e.g. SAP)
  • Existing document management system at Shell
  • High level analysis of current data flow between Shell and external stakeholders
  • Migration of existing paper archives to a Digital Twin foreseen in 2021

Need for support

  • Short definition of the digital target process to answer the question of how collaboration with external stakeholders should proceed to securely transmit inspection documents, improve data quality and eliminate all manual interventions (description based on approx. 20-30 activities, e.g. using MS Visio or Signavio)
  • Consider and review existing IT landscape and digitization initiatives within Shell
  • Develop a solution to exchange data/documents and store them securely within Shell and avoid duplicate data with external stakeholders
  • Examine how AI, RPA, etc. can be used to automatically archive documents, highlight data inconsistencies, and reduce the need for all manual intervention
  • Check whether blockchain is an option or whether it will only complicate the matter
Possible next steps:
  • Scouting of existing data flows and data architecture within Shell and at least one external stakeholder
  • Define MVP or several smaller MVPs to be implemented within 120days
    – Proposal 1: Align inspection schedules between Shell and one external stakeholder ensuring that schedule only must be maintained once
    – Proposal 2: Fully electronic and intelligent exchange of inspection reports between Shell and one external stakeholder (with electronic signature), actively highlighting (potentially also correcting data inconsistencies), no more paper versions

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Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland

The Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland – so far known as Shell Rheinland Refinery – is Germany’s largest refinery. Diesel and petrol are produced here as well as products for the chemical industry. In addition to a number of energy transition projects, which we have already started, we want to make production and products more sustainable and gradually change our product mix and focus on products such as chemicals, lubricants or bitumen, produce biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuels and enter the commercial hydrogen economy. Digitalization of its processes with partners and contractors play a crucial role in the refinery’s transition into the new Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland.