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Scalable, integrated platform for mobile applications in brownfields

Detailed description of challenge

  • The manufacturing of products in the chemical industry is managed by several digital systems, each of one covering different aspects (e.g., raw material handling, control of process parameters, maintenance, etc.)
  • Within the “last leg of digitalization”, the operators in the plant have now mobile devices that could connect them to all these systems
  • Those systems are not integrated at the mobile level, which creates an assortment of concurrent and heterogeneous interfaces that become impossible to navigate
  • Interoperability of those systems at the app level is not generally available
  • One unified back-end system to connect to all data sources, multiple back-end for different mobile devices, one single UX interface.
  • Typical use cases: mobile maintenance, real-time turn-around management, remote assistance, remote expert, digital loop check, AR for production, …

First initiatives within company

  • Mobile devices and limited mobile applications
  • Ad-hoc interoperability solutions for limited subsets of applications
  • Roadmap / overview of digital systems is available

Need for support

  • A solution for integrating multiple applications (or functions) into one mobile platform that ensures interoperability
  • A unified UX on mobile that communicates with several digital systems (e.g., turn-around schedule viewer, check-lists, SAP connection and reporting, etc.)
  • A progressive deployment that seamlessly integrates existing partial solutions without a radical discontinuity.
  • Conceptual support to find a suitable approach (no technical implementation)
Possible procedure:
  • Evaluation of procedures from Domain Driven Design
    – e.g.: „Event Storming“ workshop with potential users, experts and software architects/developers
    – Derivation of bounded contexts and technically definable application areas/function blocks (order, billing, reporting …)
  • Customer centricity
    – UX conception, guidelines, design, user testing and feedback
  • API centering
    – Clear back-end structure that adapts to the complexity of existing ERP/MES systems and industry standards for ERP/MES networks
    – Wide flexibility and customization for front-end
  • Possible target picture could be:
    – Modular system for generating mobile/web apps with standardized widgets
    – Integrative platform with standardized plugins/connectors to systems of the group IT as middleware/services

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Covestro Deutschland AG

Covestro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance plastics and plastic components. Its products and application solutions are used in many areas of modern life. In this way, Covestro aims to help overcome major challenges such as climate change, urban growth and a changing mobility. In particular, the company wants to promote the circular economy as the key to climate neutrality, environmental protection and resource conservation.