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Infrastructure needs of chemical industry to support sustainability targets

Detailed description of challenge

  • Study targeting the identification of structural requirements of the chemical industry towards more sustainable supply chain
  • Identification of Key aspects to strengthen to competitiveness of the Rhine-Ruhr region for the chemicals industry
  • Key elements are:
  • Intermodal connections between hinterland hubs and production sites
  • Maritime and continental connections between hinterland hub and destinations
  • Inbound and outbound logistics requirements and services such as depot for box –and tank containers, storage of (dangerous) goods in terms of intermodal containers and packed goods, bulk storage (liquid and gas), value added services (TC-maintenance and cleaning, heating/cooling of tank containers and reefers, laboratory services, etc.)
  • Requirements for conventional cargo
  • Description of the “perfect hinterland hub 2032”
  • The toolbox enables the sourcers to react quicker to the changing nature of a negotiation and give an edge

First initiatives within company

  • Bilateral talks with companies in the sector (chemicals industry, chemicals logistics)
  • First initiatives for connecting the industry with duisport

Need for support

  • Preparation, Execution and interpretation of a study to define common industry sustainability targets with a valid number of industry players
  • The study should be focusing on sustainability targets of logistics and infrastructure
  • A detailed description of industry needs should be the outcome of the study (see also challenge description)
  • The study should include these aspects:
    1) Identification of interview partners (preferred experts from chemical industry environment)
    2) Execution of interviews
    3) Extension of interviews via online surveys (sent to each interview partner)
    4) Evaluation & interpretation of survey answers and creation of report

Diese Challenge ist aus dem Jahr 2022 und ist beendet.

Bewerbungen sind nicht mehr möglich.